Marwa Abu Leila – Founder and Managing Partner of Photopia


Photography Published: 28 September 2018

  1. What is creativity to you?

Creativity is the driving force of this era and is the driving force of any time, it is what makes us progress, innovate, and become better productive societies. Creativity is everywhere even mathematics and engineering. Creativity is the backbone of any successful industries or nations.

Marwa Abu Leila Photopia Egypt

Marwa Abo Leila


  1. When did you know that this is what you want to do?

I was that girl in our group of friends with a camera capturing moments and shots, all the Kodak moments in parties, gatherings, and travels. Always very keen to develop my shots and see what we captured. I worked in the financial market for 11 years, and it was time to get out of the fast lane and start to focus on my passion! It was photography and as I pursued it I realized that we lack diversity in photography and from there Photopia was born. Me and my partner Kareem El Khadem a bank colleague who ventured out with me and we started Photopia in 2011. With a goal to bridge the emerging photographers with the more seasoned ones.

Cairo Photo Week - Photography Event by Photopia Egypt

Cairo Photo Week


  1. What inspired your latest project?

Cairo Photo Week is our latest project and after seven years in the business of educating people, more than 8000 photographers have visited our venue. It was time to celebrate that bridging of knowledge with a week full of knowledge transfer and wonderful speakers. Where better than in an iconic place like downtown Cairo with the encouragement and support of Al Ismaelia Company for Real Estate Investment.


  1. What was the most opposing force in your journey and how did u overcome it?

We are understaffed, meticulously looking for people to bring on the team to be part of this wonderful creation wasn’t the easiest task. But now we have a team that collaborates and make things happen. Also flying in some of the international speakers was a little heavy on our pockets but with the support of Canon and Al Ismaelia Company for Real Estate Investment.

Photopia Egypt

Photopia Egypt

  1. What are you excited the most about the festival?

I love education and everybody’s presence and learning from the experts and established photographers. Yet we are featuring the younger generation who will be also educating people. But my favorite part is the networking, where people meet up and discuss business and ideas and portfolios.


    6. What is the Best Piece of advice have you been given?

I used to apply it but I didn’t know how to define it and now I actually do. “An inch wide and a mile deep” and that is what Photopia does. And that’s basically our vision, where we nurture specialization and it gets you more focused and more developed in that field. I believe that this is what made us into one of the best photography destinations in Egypt.

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