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Half Korean Half Egyptian, born in Queens, New York. Abdel Rahman Gabr (Koree) is a Filmmaker and a Sony Middle East alpha ambassador.

As an Ambassador for Sony Abdelrahman has been conducting talks and workshops since 2012 and lately traveling to all the GCC countries. Abdelrahman’s goal is creating a creative platform to inspire and teach people online from Photography, videography, design, and more in English and Arabic. Arabic is a key feature in this platform as there isn’t that much platform out there with proper knowledge. That where Art and Creativity come in. Knowledge and expert experiences will make you break barriers and excel in what you are good at.


Who We Are

Art and Creativity is an online educational website headquartered in Dubai. We are dedicated to helping people just like you expand your skills and harness your creative energy. Our instructors speak both English and Arabic. Explore what modernized creative learning can do for you with our innovative team.

What We Do

At Art and Creativity, we sell online courses. Our international instructors provide high-quality learning and education for countless categories. No matter what you want to learn, and how you want to learn it, we can help. Whether you want to increase your creative thinking abilities, build a better business, or tap into international networks, we can show you how to do it.

Why Choose Us?

We are the first and only online skill learning website that has Arabic classes. Now is the time to maximize your talents and creativity and be able to apply it to your business.