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Ali Alriffai

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Ali Alriffai

Ali Alriffai

Ali Alriffai, Born and raised in Manama, Bahrain. An award-winning and acclaimed commercial and editorial photographer based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, proves the adage every time he gets behind a camera. Ali's passion for photography started in 1996 while still working at a private company. His career took off eight years later in 2004 when advertising agencies started to notice his work.

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تفاصيل كورس استخدام الاضاءة الخارجية في التصوير مع علي الرفاعي

توفر دورة التصوير الفوتوغرافي الأون لاين لاستخدام الأضواء في الخارج نظرة عامة وتعلمك  كيفية التصوير خارج الأستوديو.

 انضم إلى علي الرفاعي، المصور الحائز على جوائز عديدة، وتعلم أساسيات التصوير الخارجي. تعرف على كيفية استخدام الستروب للتغلب على أشعة الشمس.

يتطلب التقاط لقطة رائعة في الخارج فهمًا أفضل للإضاءة. في حين أن اكتساب مهارات التصوير الفوتوغرافي يتطلب التعلم والممارسة المستمرين.

 عند مشاهدتك لعلي الرفاعي من خلال التسجيل  المباشر في كورس التصوير الأون لاين ستحصل على نصائح وحيل  ستؤدي إلى تطوير مهاراتك في كيفية التغلب على التحديات وزيادة إبداعك.

 في هذه الدورة، سيوضح علي الرفاعي في الموقع كيفية تحقيق أقصى استفادة من التصوير الفوتوغرافي  خارج الأستوديو من خلال الجمع بين الضوء القوي الاصطناعي ( الستروب ) والضوء الطبيعي.

 علاوة على ذلك، سيقوم علي الرفاعي بتقسيم عمله ثم تصوير أحد راكبي الدراجات مع عرض توضيحي مباشر يشرح فيه جميع بالتفصيل الإضاءة التي قام بها من الألف إلى الياء، حتى تتمكن التقاط صور رائعة خارج الأستوديو.

أخيرًا، سيوضح لك خطوة بخطوة كيفية معالجة الصور التي تم التقاطها مع علي الرفاعي. 

تم تصميم هذه الدورة لتعزيز مهارات التصوير الفوتوغرافي التي تحتاجها للتصوير بنجاح في أي موقع تصوير خارج الاستوديو.

Master Outdoor Photography with Ali Alriffai

Join Ali Alriffai, an award-winning commercial and editorial photographer, on an enlightening journey into outdoor photography. Learn the fundamentals of capturing stunning outdoor shots and discover the art of using strobe lighting to enhance your images.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Photography Skills

Capturing breathtaking outdoor shots requires a deep understanding of lighting. Through ongoing learning, live demonstrations, and expert guidance, you’ll uncover valuable tips and tricks to overcome challenges and unleash your creativity.

Live Demonstrations with Ali Alriffai

In this course, Ali Alriffai will lead live demonstrations in outdoor locations, showcasing how to effectively combine strobe and natural light. Witness his process firsthand as he captures dynamic images of a cyclist athlete, providing insights from start to finish.

Unlocking Post-Processing Magic

Explore the post-processing magic with Ali Alriffai as he demonstrates professional editing techniques to enhance your captured images. This course is designed to elevate your outdoor photography skills and empower you to succeed in any outdoor setting.

Learning Outcomes

In this online photography course, you will:

  • Master the art of blending natural backgrounds with studio lights outdoors.
  • Gain proficiency in selecting and utilizing equipment such as mirrorless cameras, lenses, radio triggers, and light meters.
  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of speed lights, mono-lights, and power packs.
  • Understand essential lighting concepts including the exposure triangle and flash duration.
  • Learn how to set up outdoor shoots and utilize tools like reflectors, modifiers, and light shaping apps.
  • Experience shooting in four different outdoor locations, with live demonstrations and expert tips.
  • Learn professional post-processing techniques to edit your final images effectively.

Using Light Outdoors Photography – Online Course Description

Course Information

Learn about Ali Alriffai, the award-winning professional photographer in the Middle East. Get close to Ali’s work and his 20 years of photography career and his journey as a self-taught photographer. Learn about how he started his passion for commercial photography.

The world around us is a big studio with infinite backgrounds, but how to make the look you want in your photos and learn to blend the natural backgrounds and lights with the studio lights? In this lesson, you will learn the essentials of studio lighting and natural backgrounds.

Getting started with understanding all you need to know about the photography equipment out there and the advantages of each. You will learn in this lesson, how to use the mirrorless camera and its advantages over other cameras out there. Secondly, we will move onto the different lenses and it’s uses depending on what you want to shoot. Thirdly, you will get to learn about radio triggers and its various types special for each brand. Finally, get tips about the light meter and its importance in order to understand whether you really need it, or you can shoot without it.

Learn about Speed lights (both on and off camera), Mono-lights, and Power packs with all its advantages and disadvantages

In this lesson, you will get more into understanding lights for photography. Understand light you need to understand the Exposure triangle which includes: Aperture, Shutter speed (how to use it in and off studio), and ISO. We should also understand what’s Flash duration. There’s also something very important which is the Light intensity / Quantity / Direction which helps us control the shadow size. You will also learn about Light spread and how to manage it outdoors. Finally, you will also learn about the difference between Soft and Hard box.

Ali Alriffai will talk first about how to plan an outdoor shoot, he will talk about the things you should pack of course and some other tricks all photographers must do and think of. There are also some useful Apps he will show you to help you locate the Sun. Then Ali will start talking about Light shaping tools & modifiers. You will also learn about different types of Umbrellas and which one to use. Soft and hard reflectors different types, accessories, designs, and advantages. Ali will also talk about Reflector disc, Panel, and Flag to use them or not, and why? He will also teach you how to control your shadows.

In this section of using lights outdoors course, you will learn how to overpower the sun? And how to get that dramatic look. You also have to know the limitation of each tech piece you have.

A detailed demonstration of Ali Alriffai of how to shoot a cyclist in bright weather first and the challenges he faces on site and how to fix it. 2nd location: He will also show us how to explain to the model and direct her to what we want in the shoot when it comes to facial expression and body language. 3rd location: how to guide the model to get the look that we want in the shoot, and how to use the beauty dish. 4th location: he shows us how to work in synchronization with everything on-site to make a great shot. He will show us how to shoot with or without light with and without a tripod. With one light or two lights.

That’s an important part because Ali will explain details for about two hours and a half how to process all these images we took during this course. He’s going to talk about every detail you can do to adjust your images to get the look you want. Using light outdoors is an online photography course designed to help you in starting your professional photography career.