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Nour El Refai

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  • How to take shots in tight areas in a Villa.
  • How to send and publish your work professionally.
Nour El Refai

Nour El Refai

Nour El Refai (b. 1983 - Cairo, Egypt) is a photographer. He obtained a degree in Architecture at Cairo University and has been working as an Architectural photographer in the MENA region since 2005. He also covered documentary stories and worked on assignments in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, India, and Turkey. His work has been published in the Financial Times, The Huffington Post and many more.

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Architectural Photography Course Description

Nour El Refai will guide you step-by-step through the process of capturing an architectural image. Learn about photography gears and camera settings for different types of interiors and buildings. The course contains 34 online sessions that provide in-depth insights into the world of architectural photography.

In this architectural photography course, you will learn different photography techniques by watching the online live demonstration. The online photography course in Arabic provides several demos of interior design photography, real estate photography, office spaces, hotel rooms, villas, and residential photography.

Then, he will talk in details about the type of cameras and lenses he uses.  You will learn how to tether, and how to use lights properly. Nour will provide in this Architectural photography course all you need to know about the filters. There will be a recorded live shoot for office space and a living room space

The course will help you unlock all the complications you had from capturing the image and post-processing it. Furthermore, this architectural photography online course also provides professional tips on how to send your images to clients and how to publish your work.

وصف لكورس التصوير المعماري

نور الرفاعي  سوف يرشدك خطوة بخطوة عن كيفية التقاط صورة معمارية. تعرف على أدوات التصويرالمعماري وإعدادات الكاميرا لأنواع مختلفة من المباني و الديكورات الداخلية.

تحتوي دورة التصوير المعماري على ٣٤ فيديو تفصيلي عبر الإنترنت عن التصوير المعماري من حيث وجهات النظر والتقنيات.

ستساعدك الدورة التدريبية المعمارية على فتح جميع التعقيدات التي واجهتك من التقاط الصورة ومعالجتها بعد ذلك.

علاوة على ذلك ، توفر هذه الدورة التدريبية عبر الإنترنت أيضًا نصائح احترافية حول كيفية إرسال صورك إلى العملاء وكيفية نشر عملك. و متاح ايضا تحميل بعض الصور حتي تتمكن من التدريب علي معالجة الصور بنفسك

Architectural Photography Classes

Course Information

نور الرفاعي سيقدم نفسه و يتكلم عن مسيرته في التصوير الفوتوغرافي في مصر والإمارات والشرق الأوسط.

 سيقدم المزيد من التفاصيل حول كيف بدأ رحلته وماذا يحب. يشرح نور كيف أصبح التصوير المعماري مهنته ، وكيف يتقن هذه المهنة

  سيتكلم ايضا عن كيفية تقديم المشروع الذي يريده عميلك بالضبط. يقوم بذلك على ثلاث مراحل سيشرحها بالتفصيل.

Nour El Refai will introduce himself and his photography career in Egypt, UAE, and the Middle East.  He will provide more details about how he started his journey and what he likes. Nour explains how did architectural photography become his career, how to master this profession and how to understand your client to be able to deliver the project your client wants exactly. He does it in three stages which he will explain in detail.

In this lesson, Nour El Refai will talk about the essential tripods you need for each shoot which you can’t make the shoot without.

He will explain the different types of tripods and the benefits of each in architectural photography. He will also talk about the different types of heads and which is easier to get the exact angle you want

Learn more about Cameras from Nour and learn in this lesson what is his favorite camera and lenses. Learn the differences and how to select your professional camera. He will talk about the advantages of full-frame cameras, and which is considered an investment in the lenses or the cameras. How many cameras should you have?

When it comes to lenses he will tell you in detail about the lens he uses and why? Should you use a tilt shift or a wide Angle and why? How to adjust your lens according to what your client wants, and according to the project.

Nour will explain to you in detail what’s tethering and how to do it? Providing tips on how to conduct the most effective shoot by using the right accessories and photography gears. Learn how to adjust the images in an easy way without changing the angle. You’ll know when should you use a grey card. How should you arrange your stuff and how to improve your routine to increase efficiency? Having a proper bag will make your life easier

Learn in this lesson the essentials of lighting and what is different types of light and varieties. What should you start with and How to fit each piece into your gear? and the advantages of such light? Nour will talk about both expensive and more reasonable price light also so you can have a variety according to your current situation. He will also tell you what he recommends. He will talk about the power of each and the pros and cons. What’s a pocket wizard and is it useful or not and why? He will also talk about transmitter types and also advantages and disadvantages. He will talk about modifiers and which set matches the light you have already. Nour will also talk about different types of modifiers and will tell you how to control the light to keep the mood you already have, so you don’t change the light the architecture already did.

Nour will provide in this lesson all you need to know about the filters that he uses and why. Learn what you should take care of if you buy a tilt-shift lens. How many bags does he need and what types of bags he likes? Then he will start talking about the techniques that should you concentrate on according to the job description. Should the photos be perfectly symmetrical and why? A very interesting fact. Timing in the exterior is very important some apps help you to achieve that he will mention that too. How to adjust the vertical angles while shooting? Some advantages that the tilt-shift lens offers in this issue.  What’s one point, and two-point perspective? You have to always use what your client wants as your guide. Nour will talk about safety measures you should always consider. This lesson provides an overview of the architectural photography course in general.

Learn how to shoot an office space. Nour will guide you in over a 96 min demo of office space photography. Learn how he shoots interior and exterior as a professional, which techniques he uses, which lenses to use, and everything he does during live shoots. He will also experiment with different light during the exterior shot to show you the difference.

An advanced 3 hours of detailed explanation of the post-production of the shoot. Learn the photography editing techniques of both the interior and the exterior design photoshoot. Nour will explain in detail how to transfer your files, how to import and on which program, the default presets you should work on to save more time, up until your photos are ready to be delivered to your client.

In this extensive demo shoot, learn how to shoot the interior of a hotel room. Master architecture photography for the tourism field. In this photography lesson, you will learn how to adjust and balance when there is a wide dynamic range between the lights outside the room and the lights inside. Nour will do the whole room including the bathroom and the bedroom. How paying attention to all the details makes all the difference. he will teach you how to deal with reflections too. Adjusting the lights is a very important thing during your shoots, doing that requires a lot of patience. And finally, how to get an exterior shot along with your interior shoot?

Extensive two hours of detailed post-production explanation of the hotel photos. Learn photography editing and master architecture photography. Understand the most enhanced editing of how to recover shadows, how to choose the right white balance, and how to increase the quality.

Learn in the 4 lessons how to shoot the interior design of a villa. Watch a live demo of the interior photography taking place in a residential villa. Learn how to pay attention to the slightest detail, you can sometimes also remove some distraction from the area. Which shots to retake if you decided you wanted to change something in the setting after you took your base shot? Nour will explain several professional tricks and tips while the villa shooting.

Post-processing is a very advanced step in architectural photography and requires professional editing. Learn the steps Nour does when he finishes each shoot when it comes to transferring data so he can start working without losing any data.

Moreover, get into extensive 4 hours of post-processing of the interior villa shoot and architectural photography tips.

Nour El Refai will provide in this online class professional tips and career advice for photographers. Nour will walk you through step by step how to prepare your images for the client, the tools and applications that allow the client to view and download the photos after he finalizes his payments.

This was the last chapter of this course, now go out there and practice yourself.  Eventually, you will face a lot of troubles for sure but go back to the course to review how the professional tips of Nour and how he managed to solve these obstacles. It’s all about concepts and Nour will teach you the concept you need to understand and it’s processed. Every space in architecture has its challenges and solutions. Good luck out there hope to see more of your work