Landscape & Cityscape Photography

Dany Eid

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Dany Eid

Dany Eid

Dany Eid is a photographer based in Dubai, UAE. He was born and raised in Lebanon, studied interior design and painting. Years ago he left his home country and became an expat, moving to different countries in the Middle East. Moving from one city to the other and the big diversity that the Middle East offers along with his passion for travel exploring the world as well as the homesickness to the place where he grew up had a big influence on his photography.

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Landscape & Cityscape Photography Description

Learn the cityscape photography and landscape online course and master different techniques of travel and commercial photography. Join Dany Eid’s class and you’ll learn about the best approach to photographing both cityscapes and landscapes in one online course. This course is designed for photographers who want to encounter travel photography and cityscapes photography.

From gear and exposure to light and post-processing, master the Landscape & cityscape photography workflow with the amazing photographer Dany Eid. The photography course contains 18 lessons that provide professional guidelines for how to select your gears, advantages of Tilte-shift lenses, the art of framing, creating a panorama image, and how to post-process RAW images. additionally, the online course provides a live demonstration of cityscape photography as well as extensive guidelines of travel photography and landscape. Join Art and Creativity community of professional photographers and advance your career and art skills.

Landscape & Cityscape Photography – Online Course Description

Course Information

An intro about Dany Eid’s work and how did he build his career in photography what he represents in the photography industry. He will talk about his workshops. His career started as a hobby and building his portfolio step by step. And how did he became a specialist and started to master using lights.

Dany Eid in this lesson will introduce his photography work and explain the inspirational side behind it. He will reveal how he conducts effective photo sessions instead of spending a lot of time post-processing. He talks about how being passionate about what you love makes a lot of difference. Explaining how cityscapes and landscapes are a lot similar in techniques and timing.
The photography gears overview is an essential part. Dany will explain how all the brands are usually very similar to each other so what matters is knowing the specification of what you have to focus on your technical and your education and how to benefit from what you already have either your camera or your lens. He will talk about the cameras he used and what he prefers. What benefits does high resolution give? he will tell you the difference between high resolution and Crop sensor? Why do we need sometimes a variety of lenses in our bag? What to use for landscape photography? what can help me more in astrophotography? Manual or autofocus? The so many Benefits and types of tilt-shift lenses? Which essential lens should you carry with you?

You have to invest in your tools. Tripods: which one is good and what are the benefits of having a really good tripod which is as important as a camera he will give you examples of very good brands you can use according to your budget. He will talk in detail about the tripods he uses. Should we use extension for the tripods or not? And why? Then comes the ballheads there are so many types some are made for video and some are made for photography. He will tell you which is his favorite brand and why? Always considering to buy a pano kit with the ball head. Which tool should we use to overcome the obstacles we faced on the rooftops?
Filters there are so many types which one should we use? Which one do we use for long exposures? He will also show you how to assemble the whole system all-together. What’s lens diffraction and how to avoid it? Which filters for landscapes? There are tons of different types of filters so which one should you use? What’s a travel clamp when to use it and how?
What’s a grad filter and what’s a reverse grad filter? What’s a CPL? What are it’s benefits and why and how do we use it? He will also talk about cable release and the importance of having a good practical travel backpack. What’s the use of L-PLATE? He will talk about Batteries, sd cards, and hard disks which are of course mandatory 😉

We are going to talk about cameras in detail ( megapixels, dynamic range, resolution, auto, and manual bracketing all these details Depends on what you want the picture for? He will talk in detail about the focal length.

In this online lesson, you will learn how to use a tilt-shift lens. Get to know the many advantages of the tilt-shift lens. What’s perspective distortion? And how to prevent it? Which tools help us stitch the photos easily? How to create a Vertorama without distortion? how to switch from horizontal to vertical and keep the level straight. Which program should you use to stitch panoramic images better than photoshop?

Learn Travel Photography in this online lesson and the best tips and tricks. You will learn about the right time to choose cities and the right time to shoot landscapes while traveling.
How important is it to plan a trip? There are so many factors related to planning. How to get inspired by other photographers without copying their work. He will also talk about Different channels to help you make your search. There’s also the art of packing while following the safety and regulations of each airline. Safety is also very important when it comes to rooftops. How to properly set your tripods for your own safety and for others. How to scout for the best composition. How to get special photos and go the extra mile. He will talk about types of landscape photography in general and show you how he does each. What are the major elements you should consider during a photoshoot? It’s not all about the technical part there are a lot of other elements. He will talk about a series of his pictures in details how did he take all these pics with all the technical details. How to study each image and plan it correctly in order to have the perfect travel shot? Is the telephoto lens important and why?

What are the benefits and power of using a vertical frame? When And why to shoot in the vertical frame? He will show you the difference between the vertical and the horizontal shot for the same subject. He will tell you how to also show respect to nature while you are shooting landscape photography. How to track light? When it comes to blue and golden hours there’s a lot of application to rely on. He will talk about these applications which can help you predict fog, colored sky, colorful sunrises and sunset, and a lot of other things. But these applications require a lot of knowledge from your side. He will also talk about astrophotography and Milky Way. He will also talk about how to understand colors. He will talk in detail about exposure triangles, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. He will tell you why is it important to read the histograms. What’s the hyperfocal distance? What’s focus stacking? He will also talk in detail about the art of long exposure photography, and the challenges we face and tons of tips to get the beautiful shot you never thought you could do.

Planning and Scouting are very important to study very well your location, to get that perfect shot of travel photography.
He will talk in detail about his technical approach of the cityscape, architecture, and landscape, including the aperture, lenses, white balance, iso, and so much more. He will also explain how to shoot lightning at night in long exposure. How to be more artistic in your pictures without copying others. You have to always experiment on vertical and horizontal images in the same image and also different timing, and angles. He will talk in detail about the different rules for framing. And When can you also break the rules. How to work with negative spaces? Should you keep the subject in the center or off-center and why? How high or how low should you get? How to add a human or an animal to create a story In the picture. How to shoot ice caves? You should try to always make a connection with the subject in your photos.

In this online photography course, the lesson will demonstrate a live demo from the balcony on the32nd floor. An example of how to use vertical panorama, working with lines on how to blend with the blue hour. He will show you how to overcome the obstacles you face on site. For example getting too close to the edge, setting your tripod properly. He will show you how to control the light and how to blend many exposures. He will also show you the difference between wide lens and a tilt-shift lens. How to deal with distortion. He will show you all the shooting technicalities in the camera like focus, shutter, aperture, correct metering, and adjusting the composition.

He will work on the second composition showing you in detail how to stabilize your camera. He will show you in full details on how to make a panorama and how to make a vertorama and show you the difference between two lenses (ultra-wide and tilt-shift). Which apps to use to know the exact timing of the blue hour and the golden hour. He will also tell you a trick on how to locate the files or the panoramic or the vertorama photos during post-processing. He will show you a lot of cool techniques with the tilt-shift lens.

The course instructor will show you in detail two techniques of shooting during the blue hour using bracketing. When to blend and what to mask in your photos. How to be creative and cool with cityscape images? How to evaluate pictures on-site to guarantee you will have flawless images. Overall, the online cityscape course will help you to master travel photography by live examples and advanced tips.

It’s a one hour lesson in which you will learn which software to use for professional photo editing and advanced post-processing techniques. Dany will guide you on how to start by processing the images in the course. He will show you step by step in detail on how to analyze and post-process the images. It’s a lesson full of information and details so prepare yourself and stay focused.

In and extensive photography lesson you learn in detail for 38min how to blend two exposures. Learn the photo editing techniques with advanced tips on exposure.

A vertorama is simply a panorama but shot vertically. In this lesson, you will learn how to process the three images of the Vertorama together

An extensive lesson about processing the images we took in the live demo shoot 1 with several photo editing techniques. Learn how to edit your photography work in professional ways.

Learn in this photography class how to edit panorama images professionally. Dany Eid will teach you also step by step how to stitch different exposures shot vertically to do a panoramic image. It’s the small details you do at the end, that will make you perfect the image. And see every small detail clean and sharp. This lesson is helpful for travel photographers.

You’ll learn how to do focus stacking in an easy step by step explanation. It is one of the important lessons to learn cityscape and landscape photography.

Advanced photography editing tricks and hacks. Learn how to fix and post-process the images from the live demo. Master the photo editing tools and software.