Editorial Fashion Photography

Lara Zankoul

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Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her work captures everyday human behavior and issues that occur within society through photographic media. The aim is to invite the viewers to come up with their own interpretation and understanding of the photographs and the stories behind them. Her signature work not only stands out in its conceptual identity, but also in its timelessness.

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In this fashion photography course, Lara Zankoul will be teaching you through online video classes on how to make a look book and the concept of fashion photography. She will walk through briefly from scouting, casting, styling, execution, and retouching. She will be demonstrating many examples and modules inside a studio where we use from one light strobe to multiple light strobes. Also using several creative techniques to enhance the beauty of the Image.

Then going outdoors to an exotic location located near Dubai, where sand dunes are filling abandoned homes, Lara gets to teach you how to shoot outdoors with natural lights and also the importance of the relation between the location and the concept of the Editorial shoot.

The most valuable outcome of the online fashion photography course is while it has extensive materials, it is still suitable as well for entry-level fashion designers and photographers. This online course will help to learn and utilize professional photographers. You will be very confident when you shoot next after this class whether it’s for yourself or if it’s for a client. The editorial fashion photography course contains 29 online lessons with demonstrations of professional fashion photography from lighting to choosing the location to studio shooting and post-processing.

Learning Outcomes

In this online course of editorial fashion photography, you will learn:

  • Understand the fashion photography and the main terms used by fashion photographers such as Editorial Fashion, Lookbook and Beauty Cover.
  • Learn from a professional about the elements you need for a Fashion Shoot. Understand the concept of fashion photography and how to create a mood board, a story and how to use visuals.
  • Understand how to use the light for beauty shoots in the studio and how to set up your camera settings.
  • Learn how to set the tone, arrange the background and makeup of the fashion model.
  • Learn how to create different styles of editorial fashion such as futuristic and soft mood while using different themes and equipment.
  • Learn about post-processing frequency separator, cloning technique and how to set up a concept for fashion photography.
  • How to select outdoors location with extensive learning during actual live shooting with a variety of spots and natural lighting.
  • Conducting post-process of different pictures and how to edit your final picture professionally.

Editorial Fashion Photography – Online Course Description

Course Information


Introduction to Lara Zankoul, the fashion photographer and how she started her career in editorial fashion photography.

Explaining the difference between Lookbook and Editorial. Insights about how to create a Lookbook and showing different examples. Reviewing the Editorial Fashion and how to design your photography collection. Finally, the photography lesson shows examples of the Beauty Covers.

In this lesson, you will learn what the elements you need for a Fashion Shoot. Understand the concept of fashion photography and how to create a mood board. How to create a story and how to use visuals to set up your photo-shoot. The online course will help you understand the different elements you need including location and casting of fashion model and styling.

Learn in this lesson of the fashion online course how to use lighting and what kind of photography techniques you have to choose. This lesson main focus is about the beauty lighting and how to use light effectively to get the best picture.

Learn scouting and planning your fashion photography session. Learn by example how to select the outdoor location to shoot an editorial fashion.

A demonstration to show how to select the tone of the fashion model and backgrounds. Watch how to design the tone while doing a studio shooting. Learn the tips tricks of how to arrange the makeup, lighting and how to direct the model during the shooting.

Get in-depth with Fashion shooting in the studio. Watch Fashion photography in action and learn how to guide the model and the top tips of portrait photography. The lesson is one of the most unique content in the fashion photography course by Lara Zankoul.

Learn the fundamental steps of adjusting the studio lighting during the fashion photography shoot. Understand how to use lighting equipment and how to modify the background.

Learn how to create a futuristic look with Gels in Studio. Experience how to stylize your fashion photography using different techniques.

Expand your photography technique and learn professional tricks about how to add head-piece on a model in the studio.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a soft mood style photography. Learn how to use beauty lightening to get soft images for fashion and portrait.

Understand the fashion photography styling and learn different techniques about how to create creative soft mood in studio shooting.

In two sessions of the online fashion photography course, you will learn about post-processing frequency separator and cloning technique. Get in-depth practices and advanced instructions to shoot like professionals.

Get more extensive insights about how to select the location for fashion photography. Take a trip to a ghost town in UAE and watch the different instructions about the outdoor location, themes of the location for editorial fashion.

Watch a live demonstration of editorial fashion shooting in the outdoor location and how to capture the scene and enhance the mood.

Understand how to create a concept for the fashion photos and how to select the spots that are matching the fashion concept

Learn about the window concept editorial shoot. Get more knowledge about the camera settings and how to use the window lightings with the fashion model.

Watch how to use natural light in outdoors while shooting the fashion models.

In this part of the online course you learn the trapped girl concept. Watch a live session about how to work with different angels and setting up the frame.

In a new location, you will learn a different fashion photography theme with a red dress in the dunes. Understand the different aspects of conducting an editorial fashion shoot.

In the two classes you will learn about combining all the natural materials with natural light. Learn how to extract emotions from the scene and how to improvise with the fashion models to advance the image.

Watch different ways of capturing creative photography and how to create a story using different fashion models during the golden hour.

Learn how to conduct post-processing for editorial fashion photography and how to edit the pictures with professional tips. Watch over 30 minutes of the post-processing stage to enhance your overall learning from the editorial fashion photography course.