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Yehia El Alaily

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Yehia El Alaily

Yehia El Alaily

Yehia El Alaily is a Cairo based Food and Travel photographer with a passion for documentary work and culture preservation, with several commercial/editorial commissions along Egypt, Middle East, and Europe, with a wide base of clients including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Abercrombie and Kent, Starwood Hotels, Hilton International, Nestle, Hardees Arabia, Cinnabon, Americana, PUK, and many more.

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Food Photography Course Description

Join Yehia El Alaily on a culinary journey as you master the art of food photography.

Discover the essential skills and techniques needed to excel in this captivating field.

Learn the secrets of food preparation and styling, capturing the perfect frame, and mastering lighting gear for stunning results.

Explore every aspect of food photography, from selecting props to composing the ideal shot.

Embark on a visual feast as Yehia expertly captures five meticulously styled plates, showcasing the artistry of food styling by Henriett Braun.

Craft visually appealing compositions that tantalize the senses and tell captivating stories through food imagery.

Gain valuable insights into shooting food with both professional cameras and mobile devices.

This immersive food photography course comprises 12 lessons conducted in Arabic, featuring comprehensive demonstrations and invaluable guidance for aspiring photographers.

Join Yehia El Alaily’s food photography course and unlock the secrets to capturing culinary delights that delight the eyes and whet the appetite.


تعرَّف على فن تصوير الطعام مع يحيى العلايلي، واكتسب المهارات الأساسية لتحقيق الاحتراف في هذا المجال.

اكتشف أسرار تحضير وتنسيق الطعام قبل التصوير، واختيار الإطار المثالي، واستخدام أنواع الإضاءة المختلفة لنتائج مذهلة.

تعلَّم كيفية تصوير خمسة أطباق ببراعة، مع استعراض تفاصيل تنسيق الطعام بإبداع.

اكتسب مهارات التنسيق المبدعة وتأليف إطارات الصور المثالية لتجربة تصوير الطعام الفريدة.

اكتشف كيفية التقاط صور للطعام باستخدام الهاتف المحمول، مع دليل شامل باللغة العربية عبر 12 فيديو تعليمي.

انضم إلى كورس تصوير الطعام مع يحيى العلايلي، واكتشف أسرار تصوير الأطعمة اللذيذة بمهارة واحترافية.


Food Photography – Online Course Description

Course Information


كيف اصبح تصوير الطعام به تركيز أكثر علي الأطباق و نوعية الطعام و كيف بدأ تنسيق الطعام

In the beginning, Yehia El Alaily will talk about the food business and why is it a promising industry that keeps on growing, with so many aspects to consider. Yehia will speak about the history of food photography throughout the years since 1845. After that he will talk about the beginning of high-speed sync photography, and how step by step the disappearing of the human elements happened, and the industry started to focus on food more. Finally, the instructor will review the beginning of food styling tricks that began in the 1980s
. Now it’s all about home cooking and the rustic soul cooking and the farm to table concept.

هناك نوعان من تصوير الطعام التحريري و التجاري و مقدمة عن القسام المختلفة لكل منهم . سوف تتعلم كيف تصور للمجلات و كتب الطهي في التصوير التحريري و كيف تصور للأعلانات في التصوير التجاري

You will learn in this lesson about the main two categories of editorial and commercial food photography as well as an introduction to the subcategories of each one. Get to understand the basic terms used in the food photography profession and learn about editorial food photography in magazines and cookbooks. In the commercial part, you will get insights about the commercial shoots in advertising, online marketing, and menus.

سوف نساعدك علي فهم المطابخ
المختلفة من مختلف بلاد العالم
كيف تستخدم الكاميرا بأدواتها و عدستها المختلفة لتبدأ حياتك المهنية في تصوير الطعام
تثبيت الكاميرا و الأضاءة المستخدمة و أنواع الأضاءات المختلفة
كيف تقوم بتجهيز موقع التصوير و الثلاث مراحل المختلفة للصورة أولها مكونات الطعام , الصورة الحركية و الصورة النهائية
أختيار الأطارات المناسبة للصورة و الزوايا المختلفة
كيف تقوم بضبط أعدادات الكاميرا و الأضاءة أثناء التصوير

This extensive lesson of the online food photography course has advanced tips and professional insights about how to set up the food photography shoot and some initial tips of different roles of the food photography team. Starting with learning about preparing the professional food shoot:

  • Take a journey into understanding the essences of food cuisines from different countries and how to arrange your plate and style it.
  • Learn in detail about the camera gear and the lenses you can use to start a photography career.
  • Understand the importance of stabilizing the camera and the lights he uses. How to move to the light sources’ types, the natural and the artificial. Which one is better the pros and cons of each? How to use natural light with the simplest and cheapest ways possible?
  • Learn how to start building a set, and the three different types of shots which include a) the Ingredients b) the active shots c) the cooked foods.
  • Get the top tips about how to make all the shots as natural as possible like it just came out of the oven freshly cooked.
  • Essential food photography guidelines: Learn how to set up the frame and choosing the angel before starting the photoshoot to keep everything in focus. Yehia will explain in detail which angle you need to select for which type of food and why.
  • Secondly, learn the essentials of during the food shoot: Learn how to adjust the camera settings and lights during the food photography shoot. Finally, Get to know the important rules to follow during each shoot such as creative thinking and thinking outside the box.


تجربة عملية ل 8 اسكتشات بأمثلة
مختلفة للأضاءات و الأنعكاسات

Yehia al Alaily will demonstrate and explain in detail 8 different sketches with examples of different light settings and reflectors that you can choose from according to your lights and studio location.


سوف نتعلم كيفية طهي الطعام بطريقة تخطف الأنظار و كيفية أستخدام الأدوات المختلفة و الخلفيات المتنوعة . سوف نقوم أيضا بتوضيح كيف تضع اللمسات النهائية للطبق بدون مبالغة

Most of the beginners will not have a food stylist on the shoot so you will learn about a few tips to know how you can do it yourself. You will learn how to cook the food for visual attraction as well as how to arrange props properly with the background. Moreover, you will learn how to be very precise and pay attention to all the details to your plate and the surroundings and how should everything be relevant on your plate, and your background. Additionally, in this section, Yehia will guide you with some important tips about the fine retouching of the food style to avoid over retouching.


كيف تقوم بتصوير الطبقات المختلفة للطعام و كيف يمكن ان نقوم بتعديل الصورة أثناء التصوير

Learning by example is a highly effective benefit of the online course. In this lesson, you will watch a demonstration of shooting a hamburger dish. Get to see in detail how it’s done and how does it work all together on set. Most importantly, in this lesson you will learn some professional tricks on how to make it easy for yourself while shooting so you can add and change layers easily during editing on photoshop.

في هذا الجزء سوف تعرف كيف تقوم بأستخدام الأضاءة الداكنة لأعطاء احساس بجمال الأكل البيتي و كيف تقوم بأضافة العناصر المناسبة لتجعل الصورة أكثر حيوية . سوف نريك ايضا كيف يمكن ان تتحكم في الظل و كيف يمكن ان تحصل علي صورة حركية أثناء تقطيع الأجبان

In a live shoot of pasta, you will learn about the types of headlights he uses during a shoot and how to use it. Watch a food photography shoot for a dark homy mode pasta dish and how to switch between front light and backlight. In this part of the online course, you will learn how to advance your skills during the food shoot in order to decrease the work you will do during the editing photoshop. Yehia will also give food shooting guidelines of how to give more life to the plate, how to control the shadows, how to make an action shot of shredded cheese, and how to think creatively to overcome the difficulties you can face on set.

كيف تختار و تركز علي العنصر الرئيسي في الصورة و متي تقوم بأستخدام الأنعكاسات او لا

Detailed description of a live shoot of a chocolate marshmallow. Learn how to focus and choose the hero of the plate and highlight the winter cozy mood we want to achieve. Learn the difference between the times we use a reflector and the times we don’t.

كيف تقوم بتصوير المكونات
الطبيعية للطعام و كيف تقوم بتنسيقها

Detailed description of a live food shoot where you will learn about shooting natural food ingredients and how to style a salad plate. Additionally, you will learn essential tips about using a different technique during food photography.

كيف تقوم بأجراء التعديلات النهائية علي الصورة و أخراجها في الشكل النهائي . سوف نقوم أيضا بتوضيح كيف تقوم بحل المشاكل التي قد تواجهك ووضع اللمسات النهائية للصورة حسب أستخدامها

In this lesson of the online food photography course, you go through the post-processing and food photography editing. Understand to edit each plate we shot during this food photography course and learn how to fix the problems you face after the photoshoot in the post-processing. Learn in the food edit process about what should you check in your photo and how and how to adjust the exposure, play with shadows, the white balance, the clarity, the sharpness, the saturation. Moreover, learn how to make the hero of your image pop. Finally, in this lesson, you will learn professional photography guidelines about how to adjust each image according to its use, and according to the print.

Learn how to use your mobile camera for food photography and how to capture high-quality images using the right photography techniques using direct sunlight.

Understanding food is one of the main things we should understand at first if you want to start a business in photography. Learn from a professional photographer how to start your first steps in the food photography career. Understand the main tricks you need to learn before working with food stylists. How to create a food photography portfolio and according to what. How do you buy your props and background? Finally, marketing yourself is also very important. Learn how to get benefits of the collaboration with bloggers, stock images websites, and the difference between websites.