Sony at Xposure 2018


Photography Events Published: 28 September 2018


Who were the speakers from Last Year and this year?

1- Jason Lanier ( Sony Artisan )

2- Christina Mittermeier ( Sony Alpha Ambassador)

3- Abdelrahman Gabr- Koree ( Sony Alpha Photographer – Middle East )

4- Bjoern Lauen (Sony Alpha Photographer – Middle East )

Koree Photographer - Sony at Xposure 2018

Koree Photographer - Xposure 2018

Which Camera do people love more from Sony cameras?

It depends on who do we ask.

A9 – is win for sports and wildlife photographer

A7R3 – is a go-to camera for commercial and landscape photographers

A7M3 – is considered all-around camera which is great in photo and video and the first choice for those who wanted to jump into Full Frame and even professionals

A6500 and A6300 – is always a choice for videographers who wanted to keep their setup light

RX100 Series – series that vloggers and travelers go to camera


Tell us more about future events and workshops in the middle east region

We have been active with seminars for the past years and this time we are going to focus more on allowing the photographers to experience the Sony cameras reaching out to different genres of photography.

With this, we are expecting to be very busy in the coming months.

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