Professional Makeup Course by Sally Rashid

Sally Rashid

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Sally Rashid

Sally Rashid

Sally Rashid is one of Egypt’s leaders in the Beauty business. She’s known for her elegant, natural corrective make up which has become her signature look. She has worked with most Celebrities of our time including Yousra, Anoushka, Ghada Adel, Dorra Zarouk, Nour, Carmen Bsaibes, Aiten amer, Jamila Awad, Huda el Mufti, Angham, Mai Omar, Yasmine Sabri, Salma A. Dief.

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Meet Sally Rashid: A Professional Makeup Artist That Turned Her Passion Into Profession

Sally Rashid, a professional Makeup Artist.  In this Professional Makeup Course, Sally shares her inspiring journey from childhood passion to full-time profession, drawing from life experiences that shaped her confidence and success. As the face of Lancome, Sally has accumulated valuable experience from around the world, not only teaching makeup applications but also guiding you in turning your talent into a Profitable career.

Sally’s Professional Makeup Course goes beyond the basics, diving into detailed demonstrations of foundational makeup techniques. She begins with a comprehensive guide to foundation application, revealing the steps and preparation required for a flawless base. From selecting the right color to blending techniques. Sally ensures every detail is covered to achieve a seamless finish.

Moving on to contouring, Sally shares her expertise in creating a lifting effect for the face, enhancing natural features. She then transitions to concealer application, offering several tips on proper blending to avoid any unnatural appearances and harsh lines.

The lesson progresses to different eye shape makeup, where Sally demonstrates priming techniques and advises on color selection and application. She shares tricks for perfecting brows and freckles, achieving symmetry and natural beauty effortlessly.

Sally’s Makeup Courses also covers the application of eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and mascara, achieving the desired look while considering client preferences and body language signs.

In this online course, participants will learn the secrets of achieving a natural look with lipsticks and lipliners, as well as mastering final touches to perfect the overall makeup.

Finally, Sally concludes with a demonstration of a glamorous look, showcasing advanced techniques and additional tricks to elevate your makeup skills further.

Join Sally Rashid’s professional makeup course and unlock the secrets to mastering makeup application for a successful career in the beauty industry.


Professional Makeup Course

Course Information

Sally Rashid is a professional makeup artist and is well-known as one of the top-influenced artists in the beauty field across Arabic countries and Egypt. In this class, Sally will tell us her story since she was a kid how her passion and her journey started, and how it led to her full-time job. And how the life experiments gave her her confidence and now she is the face of Lancome how she collected experience from all over the world and how eager she is to pass these experiments to you. So you can not only learn how to apply makeup but you will learn how to turn your talent into a full-time job.

Watch different success stories of real MUAs who took this Professional Makeup Artist course before. Get to know more about the career of makeup and learn from different experiences.

Sally Rashid will talk about the objectives of this Professional Makeup Artist class which makes it different from youtube but here Sally will teach us the mindset ,the skills ,and the tools. The hidden secrets of the job, and how to take our talent and turn it into an actual job. She will tell you How to do your job when you are dealing with models, red carpet superstars, people who value their time greatly. Your attitude, your transparency, you being punctual and clear about your values how all this makes it way better. How listening to your client also makes all the difference.

The makeup kit is essential for professional makeup artists. In this class, you learn more about the must-have kits for makeup artists.  Sally will talk in detail about the essential things she believes you need to start your kit with.

In a professional makeup career, it is important to understand the client’s needs. Learn the fundamentals of client communications and how to manage client requests. This online class shows how to manage the client professionally, how to ask your client the right questions, and how to listen carefully to their needs. Body language is also very important. This class is essential for pursuing your makeup and beauty career.

Sally Rashid will demonstrate in details steps of foundation . She will show you in details the series of steps and ways to prep the face so when we start applying the actual makeup it’s all smooth and flawless. Then she will start to teach you how to choose the right color of the corrector and foundation to get the proper match of your client’s skin, and the techniques to do it. How to make sure it’s the right color before you blend it on all the skin properly with the right brushes, and the proper motion to ensure you keep everything in place. Then she will move to regular contouring showing you in details how to do it. So you can create a lifting effect not a saggy face. Then she will start applying the concealer, and she will show you how to blend it properly so it won’t show as an odd triangle. We will then move to the eyes we will start by priming them and setting everything in place. And how to play with the lightening and shadowing to hide problematic defects.

Now that we are done with the base we will start working with colors, and eyes. She will show you a trick to apply on the brows and freckles. She will show you How to work with the brows, how to see the beauty in the brows and make them both symmetrical, natural, and beautiful. Then she will start applying colors and shimmer to the eyes. She will tell us the best kits on the market and their advantages. She will teach us how to choose the colors of the eye makeup. She will show us how to apply the eyeshadow how to blend it , and which eyeshadow to use and with which type of brush ? How to watch your client body language ? Then she will move to the eyeliner, blush, and mascara. How to achieve the look your client is asking using the blush, and the highlighter.

In this lesson of the online course, you will learn in detail about how to get the natural look using lipsticks and the lipliner. Now it’s time to show the client the simple demo look and wait to see if she wants to add something to her lovely look. it is an essential part of professional makeup to learn how to master the lipsticks and final touches.

As an important part of the professional makeup course, Sally will explain the terminology we use in the face and eyes in details so it’s easier to explain later when we talk about it. She will talk in general about face shapes and length and how knowing that will help us in makeup. In this online makeup course, we will focus on the eyes. Especially during COVID and masks eyes are really important 😉 you will learn how to use the basic neutral colors to create and correct different eyeshades. We will start with standard eyes on how to identify what’s standard from the first place. She will explain in detail different eye sets and how to deal with them and how to avoid common mistakes.

In this makeup demo, we will start prepping the eye like we start prepping everything before we work. She will show for 44 min what to do step by step to make the proper eye makeup, and slight complexion to match along with the eyes. She will talk in details also about the brows, how to apply style them, and how to make sure they are even, and what to do if they are not. It takes time to master it it’s ok trial and error always helps. By mastering this you create a relaxed looked of your client free of any unwanted expressions.

Now she will start working with the eyes by applying basic colors using the right kind of brushes she will explain each type of brush and what are it’s different uses.

According to the eye map she will start applying the colors. Then will apply the mascara using her special tools 😉

Sally will work on a different set of eyes on a different MUA so we can see how to do it differently on different eyes and brows, in order to get that lifted younger look. she will start prepping the eyes in the same manner as before. She will show you how to deal with hooded eyes, when it comes to eyeliner, eyeshadow. How to apply shimmering colors with which brush, and in which direction ? What’s the mirror effect and how to achieve it ? How to use the eyelashes curler and when to use it ? How to apply artificial eyelashes and how to choose the size and the length according to the eyes. She will show us which glue she uses and why.

In this eyeliner makeup demo, Sally Rashid will show us in detail how to apply the gel eyeliner on typical hooded eyes. When to work with the client closing her eyes and when to work with her eyes opened. It’s a very advanced makeup technique don’t be frustrated if you don’t get from the first time, if don’t it master the technique now you’ll eventually.

Sally Rashid in this part of the professional makeup course will talk about what should you have in detail in your kit and how to be always prepared. How should you cleanse your tools and how often. She will start with brushes talking about it in detail when it comes to type, shape, texture, Angled or not, and uses of each brush. Then she will talk about beauty blenders, makeup removers and how to use them, and preferred types. What do you need with the artificial lashes? Why do we use fixing spray and which brand should you use. Moisturizers and primers type and advantages of each. The question we always ask about the Foundation… Should I buy all the colors in case I have different skin color clients so I can be prepared? She will also talk about powders, eyeliners, mascara, eye shadow palettes, blushers, correctors, concealers, and finally, Sally Rashid will talk about lipsticks.

Watch how the attendees of the workshop will apply makeup to each other and Sally will correct and comment on each look. You can learn a lot of makeup best practices and how to avoid the most common mistakes when applying makeup. This extensive class provides an overview of different experiences and how did they apply what did they learn in this course to each other, and how sally explains their mistakes and teaches them how to avoid it.

The last look she will demonstrate which is the glamour look , it’s an advanced look since we covered the basics in the precious days. She will start as usual even though she is doing some of the steps again but still she mentions more tricks along the way.

Get more in-depth with the psychological part of being a makeup artist. In this online makeup course, Sally provides some of the professional insights about being a makeup artist. What do you want from being a makeup artist? How to attain your goals how to time it? what to do in your portfolio, and how to be realistic? How to befriend your mind? How to choose your ideal client, and how to attract them? What scares you as a makeup artist, and how to overcome it? This class provides some useful insights about the professional makeup career.

In this class, you will learn how to professionally use social media to market your work. How to get inspired? And by who? How to choose your content? How to organize your stuff? Do you have to invest in yourself? Take this course you’ve always wanted to, buy that expensive makeup bag, buy good quality products, so people can trust you and the look you are reflecting. She will mention some apps that will help you a lot in organizing and planning your social media (Instagram – Facebook). And like Sally said, “ Show up, dress up, and never give up.”