Sally Rashid

Sally Rashid is one of Egypt’s leaders in the Beauty business. She’s known for her elegant, natural corrective make up which has become her signature look.

She has worked with most Celebrities of our time including Yousra, Anoushka, Ghada Adel, Dorra Zarouk, Nour, Carmen Bsaibes, Aiten amer, Jamila Awad, Huda el Mufti, Angham, Mai Omar, Yasmine Sabri, Salma A. Dief.

Women love Sally’s connection, personalization and attention to detail. They book her for their special events and fly her to their destination weddings (which are her Favorite) opting for flawless timeless bridal looks.

Following the urge to develop and grow others, Sally created the “Talent Master class” which teaches students technical makeup skills along with business coaching and mindset tips which help them grow their wings in their career as makeup artists. She has developed a team from those students who are now established artists in the field.

She has also had hundreds of women sign up to learn to master their own makeup through “Be Your Own Pro” workshops  designed for women who want to learn how to look their best daily and on special events.

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