Ayesha Abbasi

Ayesha Abbasi is a Digital Marketer by profession but a Landscape & Travel photographer by Passion. 


Ayesha credits her parents influence for her love of photography, with a mother who studied the arts and her father whose camera she used to play with from a very young age, Ayesha cannot recall memories in which she would not have a camera on sight.  


After graduating with a master’s degree from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, she began pursuing a career in digital marketing, however, Ayesha found she was always longing to be back surrounded by nature and most importantly she felt the need to continue exploring the world beyond her desk. 


Ayesha decided to pursue her dreams and challenge herself to explore more of the world. With her camera by her side, Ayesha traveled to the costal towns in southern Italy all the way to northern tips of the Arctic Circle to watch the auroras and this is where she discovered her love for landscape photography. She found photography as her way of reconnecting with herself and the voice of expressing all the experiences she had in the beautiful places she encounters and see with new eyes what makes this earth beautiful. 


Her curiosity and love for challenges has lead her on journeys to over 52 countries around the world and believes there is so much yet to explore and a lot more to learn about herself. 

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